Be deliberate.

Posted on by Adam Garcia

Last night I came across my friend Dessa's 2012 commencement speech from the University of Minnesota. The overall theme was "Failure," and it's a great 20-some minutes out of your day to get a little reflection. A few notable quotes: "A target that you hit every time is a target that you've stood too close." and Seneca's profound, "No one will bring back the years. No one will restore yourself to you," which is all about taking control of YOUR time on this rock, while it lasts. As someone that's recently quit a pretty damn great gig to go and take ahold of my own destiny, these are ideas that I think about constantly. Every thing that goes wrong is my fault. Every success is my own, as well. It's exhilirating and exhausting; a constant psychological negotiation. But it's so worth it.

My biggest takeaway: BE DELIBERATE. 

"Deliberate" means something done consciously and intentionally. I awoke this morning with that word, deliberate, ringing in my head all day.

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