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Needless to say, we're incredibly excited for this week's DesignWeek Portland. There's an insane amount of stuff happening, from workshops, open houses, gallery shows, and partays galore. Check this DesignWeekPortland Events page to organize your calendar. Oh yes, and huge props to the whole DWP team and Scribbletone for the great site!

Here's some of the stuff we'll be up to:

Monday: Honestly, we'll be dang busy doing as much client work as possible amidst the DWP madness, but if I get a chance I'm popping over to the David Carson lecture and then the opening party. For those of you designers that don't know your basic design history, David Carson hosted the Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. Just kidding. 

Tuesday: Pretty dang excited to be a part of the Megabolt Workshop with Jolby and Friends and Invisible Creature at Portland State. Later in the day I'll be helping with a workshop with the Google+ team at Union/Pine, and then at 7pm at the Hollywood Theatre I'll have the pleasure of doing a lecture at the Getting to Know You(Tube) event, hosted by the indefatigable Jason Sturgill. And in the spare hours I'll be swinging through the A+D Projects open house at PSU.

Thursday: Speaking of Jason "Stirmaster" Sturgill, he's gotten a group of 20 artists together and paired them with 20 homebrewers to create branding and labels for their delicious brewskies at the Homebrewed by Design event, and there's a bottle by The Pressure up in there, as well. That'll be poppin' off at around 7pm at the One Grand Gallery on East Burnside. Beer. Mmm.

Friday: Boombox Construction Kit! On friday night there's an event thrown by Case of Bass and Hellion Gallery with some Portland maker's creating custom boomboxes, and I've reached out to my guy Chester at MC Laserlabs to collaborate on our piece for the event. Hopefully said boombox actually works, because I've got the electrical skills of a calf.

Saturday: At the WeMake Celebrates event, there's an auction / fundraiser that we're proud to have a poster in, as well as some custom coasters that we did with the good chaps at Tanner Goods! After that, we'll be passing out from exhaustion for 39 hours straight.



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