Mndsgn / Fif Dim Shoot

Posted on by Adam Garcia

Last month, our friend and past-collaborator, label-owner Kenny Fresh of Fresh Selects told us that he wanted to make some music videos for a new artist on his roster, Mndsgn. In a moment of inspiration we said, "We'll do it." He said, "But it's due in three weeks," and I said, "We'll make it happen." Being that this was the first music video that we've done, the process was a bit crazy. We pitched a story about someone that was existing in a state of melancholy, until she finds a book that takes her to another place, inside herself. This transition enabled us to create a video that spans two songs, and uses graphic design as the crux of the concept. Also, I had just watched Donnie Darko and The Neverending Story, so the idea of a "magic book" was on my mind from the beginning. The shoot itself lasted two days, the first being a shoot at our friends' apartment shot at 60fps, and the second day we shot on a Sony FS-700 (thanks Robert!) to get the slow-motion for the dance scenes in a storage room next to our office. Also, we got to order a dozen huge plants and have them delivered to our office. Check out full credits and the video here!

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