Booking the Bands

Posted on by Adam Garcia

I love collaborative projects. I like generating a concept for one piece of work that can have multiple voices, then finding the right voices for the piece. I enjoy creating limitations and parameters for participants, which help to ensure consistency in the project, and hopefully help everyone focus on the work. The biggest thing for me, however, is realizing that in collaboration with others, everyones' work lives together. A project like Good Stuff, or Illustrated Etymology, Movement / Moment or Trust Me are exciting in that they allow me to work with strangers and friends alike, they make connections through collections,  bring people together around a central idea, support the community through visibility as well as potentially provide opportunity where there was none before.

My background is in music and promotion, and I feel like putting together a great project is like booking a show, inviting the bands, picking the venue, generating the visual components to contextualize the material and having a theme. I realize it's all the same energy, and it all comes down to trust. The trust of a client, or gallery, in a designer to bring together the right people and tell a good story. And of course the trust of the participants in knowing that being a part of said project will be beneficial for all parties involved, and that the utmost respect and eye for quality will surround the project. 

The downside is that in these kind of projects, you can never have all the bands play that you want to. Sometimes those in your creative community aren't invited to play and sometimes they take it personally. Sometimes they may then throw a concert and not invite YOU to play. That's too bad. Luckily, hopefully, in the future there will be more concerts, and we can all get down and make the music that we make together. 


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