I believe that design, or any creative practice we are engaged in, is but a filter for the other facets of our experience and interests. Design is a lens by which we project ourselves into the world, and by which the world enters us, and these facets, these dimensions, should be explored to uncover the intersections where we resonate most harmoniously with our world.

A "Workshop."
Dimensions is an initiative by Adam R Garcia that is an exploration of engagement and perspective. Its form is a workshop that explores the intersection of creative practice, language, art and performance, questioning boundaries and empowering through conversation, projects and play. The platform itself is based on 15 years of design process insights, live performative experience and event facilitation, collaborative storytelling, philosophy and linguistics. The end result is to inspire, connect, and take action with intention.

Why Does It Matter?
As we all know, it's easy to get "stuck" in patterns, routines, and creative blocks. This session is a team-building workshop in the form of conversation, presentations, games, collaborative art practice and story-sharing. It's aim is to create a unique experience that will stretch not only the boundaries of our creativity, but empower through active play, empathy, intention and linguistic framing. 

How does it work?
The form of the session is tailored to the specific audience, but ideally it is a mixture of presentation, conversation and workshop. The sense of immersion is supported by a meandering, amorphous format, a journey of inspiration, insight and stories. 

For logistical details, questions about cost, scheduling and anything else please contact me directly at adam@thepressure.org.

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