A gallery show.

Soundset 2017
A music festival.

Core77 Conference 2016
A design conference.

Air Jordan XXX1
A campaign for an iconic shoe.

Tanner / Pendleton
A custom pattern for a great brand.

Upper Left Roasters
A coffee brand identity.

An identity for a hip-hop festival.

A multimedia dance party.

10 Seconds
A video about making & process.

Nike Running Book
A book design.

Core77 Awards
A poster design for an award show.

Nike Black History Month
A campaign for a product line.

Zap Francis
An album cover design and identity.

Canvas Headwear
A product line for a hat company.

Nike NTK
A series of art-directed images.

Space Week
A broadcast campaign.

Nike Air Max
A campaign for an iconic shoe.

Not Networking
A networking event with a twist.

Fif Dim
A music video.

Nike MSG
A graphic package for an event.

AIGA Pattern
A custom pattern.

Widmer 1988
A beer bottle design.