We've been hosting parties and throwing events for a long time. LOOSE is an event that was an excuse to collaborate with people we’ve wanted to work with and create a memorable experience based on a multimedia dance-party. To conceptually parellel the event, we shot dozens of dancers beforehand, and used that content as projections on the 70ft. wall of the space with 3 stitched projectors. And over the course of the evening we gradually distorted and transformed the footage and overlaying graphics, essentially "loosening" them as the night went on. The result was 700 people moving, surprised by the scale of the images and getting far looser than we had ever imagined.


Direction by Adam R Garcia. Design by Adam R Garcia and Anton Pearson. Video by Ryan J Bush, Will Walle and Scott Uyeda. Assistance by Taylor Painter. Styling by Ada Beil. Recap video by Robert Woodward. Dancin' footage starring 11 Dance Co. Thanks to Jenny Windom, BB DeLano and Huy Pham. DJs: DJ Nature, DJ Espada, ComputerFam and DJ Anton. Service PDX let us use their space to shoot and Tia Vanich hooked it all up at White Owl. Fist bumps all around.


Custom sweat bandanas were designed and handed out as people entered. The white one represents the beginning of night. The black one represents the end.


This recap doesn't fully capture the hugeness of the projections, but definitely shows the fun that was had.